Walking Through the Tunnel into the Light

Updated on June 7, 2020
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Stuck in a dark underground structure with no way forward

Impossible to go backwards with nothing to go to back to

Past obliterated with one impulsive decision that changed everything

Obtained some closure, not on the most preferable of terms

Happened regardless of preference or otherwise

Beyond fed up with thinking about something that cannot be changed

Need to move onto the next phase and let the scars heal

Searching for a way to develop some newfound self respect

Find a way for history to not sting so much and even earn a little smile

Shameful that the dismount from the relationship was messed up

By the party that decided to stick the landing and run for cover

One step forward and one and a half steps in the opposing direction

Want to be over this ridiculous emotional hump completely

Grabbing a belt sander to smooth off the rough parts if necessary

Understood that recovering from any type of heartache

Wasn't an overnight process, but the non-linear idea of it

Can be rather irritating when you think about it too long

Made your head and heart hurt still dealing with aftershocks

Don't miss the past pre se; just how it made you feel

Gave yourself a sense of structure and opportunity to evolve

Realized that the lack of previous experience marred the journey

No point of reference to compare it to and no way to balance it all

While the other end of the spectrum had too much of everything

Going against them; too many rounds at bat and too many strike outs

Covered in dirt and grass stains to see what was ahead or behind them

Aware that the journey ended when it was supposed to do so

Wished that there was a little bit of respect left in order to close the door

Slam it shut and erase the past completely from the narrative

Frustrated about both feet being locked in place on the train tracks

Legs weighing a thousand pounds each and unable to lift them

Screaming only left the nearby birds with a desire to flee

A cruel and twisted irony if there was ever one

Developed a new curriculum to base being a solo artist

Isolated from the rest of the civilized world for now

Eager to become respectably part of it again when time comes

Attacking the next adventure with a new gusto

Traveling at the speed of light into the next paperback novel life

Creating a different story to live by and evolve from

Evolution the only way people can grow and heal

Without everyone stuck on their own private train tracks

No one wants that to happen.

Time to smooth out the rough edges.
Time to smooth out the rough edges.


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