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Walking Medical Anomaly

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Declared in my junior high yearbook once

To be "Most Unique" by my classmates

At the time thought it was an honor and embarrassing

Singled out for being different felt a little unfair

As I got older, realized that it was a nice badge to have

Sometimes proud of my ability to be unique

As someone who rises above the routines of life

A Katharine Hepburn type who defied convention

Made her own path out of the yellow brick road

Fearless in every endeavor no matter what happened

Loved the need to create and expressing themselves

Performing with an ease of a female Fred Astaire

Agile and kind as they move around their internal stage

Power outage caused the lights on Broadway to dim for now

Ready to dance and no one to share the joy with

Dancing shoes on lockdown and harsh reality light hit instead

Suddenly, hit a roadblock and craved a large dose of normalcy

Recently thrown by some medical boulders rolling downhill

Multiplying and getting bigger and bigger with each snowfall

Wondered when the madness would end

Desperately needed a moment of peace from all this

Before another doctor or nurse arrived suggesting another test

Or the next procedure to be poked and prodded by

Transformed into a guinea pig instead of a human being

Stressed out beyond reason that this will never end

Glad that these issues are being addressed

Wished there was a little bit of calm before all these storms

Would have grabbed an umbrella if that was the case

Singing in the rain as a way to defy logic and medical science

Don't think that's possible for the moment

Nerves frayed for different reasons known only to me

Lectured for focusing inward and not realizing it could be worse

Sure, that's true and well aware of that

Just fed up with everything being piled on my shoulders at once

Need a break from problems and stressors

A moment of peace before another storm hit

Glad that Spring is approaching

A change in season could be the ticket

Fingers crossed that this helps calm the choppy waters.

The performer in happier times.

The performer in happier times.