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Walk to Eternity

My body is floating too lightly
Passing through tombstones and dying trees
Ahead of me is the sanguine sea
As the aura reeks, like fear in me

Mind's blinded when cloud has darkest shade,
Knows nothing about this whole parade;
Along with several evil's aides,
I travel to where awaits my fate

Stopped at the center of an empty plain,
Then the black sky pours it's tears, like rain,
But every drop is volcano's ain,
Melts the love, sorry, virtues of sane

A crater appears below my ghost,
I suffer from the heat, ground is lost;
Am falling to underneath utmost
Where world is made up of fiery frost

I'm living beneath the real world
For a million centuries, that old!
Facing eternity I've been told,
Cries off pain for every second sold

© 2019 Eyji Noblesmith

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