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Waking Smile

Poetry from my younger years, I have always wanted to share. About the tumultuous journey that finding, keeping & being in love brings.

'Waking Smile' Poetry about love

'Waking Smile' Poetry about love

You invaded my thoughts

When I pushed them aside.

You invaded my dreams

when I thought they had died.

You can use me, abuse me

Fall in lust and need me too.

If you ever love me

I promise no tears for you.

An endless night

A change of seasons.

Asking all the questions

Without ever finding reasons.

Waking with a smile

One I thought had disappeared.

It made me think

You were all I needed.

Scared of the future

And fearing the past.

The past is stagnant like a river

Speeding into the future too fast.

Your presence feels like sparklers

Your resonance

Your touch.

Didn't need to love you

I didn't need to want you this much.

This road feels kind of endless

Like it will never end.

But still, I missed you by meer seconds

Now you've moved on without a trace.

Could I have changed anything?

Poems about love from Mother of Movies

Poems about love from Mother of Movies

Poetry is something that never seems to age. When it comes to poetry about love, the feelings imposed from finding it and losing it can repeat for a lifetime. The best poetry about love comes from the brokenhearted.

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