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1/7/18 revised

Smoke lingers on the lips
and fingertips still trembling from the ripples of loss
Thunder rattles her bones
rain tinkers and pours washing away the pain you
lathered into the skin of her hope.

Croaks and scratches
critters outside her window
harmonize in a song,
full of want and sorrow.
Attempts to feel a heartbeat fail
and she's convinced it no longer works.
The alarm clock blinks, taunting her
wide open eyes, refusing to give in
to the sweet relief of slumber.

The train sounds mimmicking
her moaning, tormented soul.
Forget them she persuades.
Life will continue without.
She tosses at each turn,
a memory meets her
lost love, happiness not forgotten,
long ago extinguished.
The sacrifices once willing to be made
to have a lover wrapped around her
are things she's no longer willing to trade.
All of her is worth having
even the parts that rattle sometimes.

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