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"Waiting on the One"

I am a wife, mother, daughter, and friend to many. I care about issues that are both big and small, and I seek to spread truth.


"Waiting on the One" - A Dream Poem

Me, a new arrival and I’m already late.

Running through Heaven,

I am alone;

trying so hard not to be distracted by the glory

and wonders surrounding me.

The dinner bell is ringing its last toll,

calling all souls to come to the table of the King.

I briefly think of hiding

instead of entering the presence of the Father,

making obvious my tardiness.

Even so, I timidly rush in,

entering through the dining room’s massive golden doors,

head and shoulders bowed.

Me a child, causing the hosts of heaven to

pause and wait.

I see a beautifully handcrafted table overflowing

with unnamed delights,

the shimmering tablecloth glows clean and fresh,

giant gilded chairs tower over my small frame,

every seat is full; every eye is on me.

I anxiously circle the table, looking for any empty seat;

around one way and then scurrying back around the other.

Not a single chair is open. Not one.

Embarrassment and shame flood my face and heart.

Maybe, I do not deserve to be here.


Then, ever so quietly,

I hear Jesus’ voice speaking directly to my heart.

“Come here child.”

With trepidation I approached my Lord

sitting at the head of the enormously long table,

my limbs trembling.

With a whisper I confess, “Jesus, I’ve tried to find a seat,

But there is no space left for me. I’m so sorry I am late.”

Jesus, the Christ, bowed low to gaze directly into my eyes,

His voice full of love and mercy,

“My precious child,

there is no empty seat for you because your place

is here with me, on my lap.”

Without hesitation Jesus reached down and picked me up,

with his strong, burden-bearing arms,

gently sweeping me into His embrace.

Relief, gratefulness, and unspeakable joy flood my heart.

I snuggle into His bosom. Loved. Accepted. Safe.

We proceed to joyously eat together,

Jesus and me,

with all of Heaven in attendance.

This is how I see God. My father, my confidant, my friend, my comforter.

© 2018 Willow Mattox

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