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Waiting in Life: A Poem

Halley loves to write and wants to convey messages through his simple writings.

waiting in life

waiting in life

Family can be the root that sustains Individual Life in facing the toughest storms

A mate is a mirror that breaks easily, a reflection on water or like a name carved into a rock. Everything will be tested to continue together to survive.

Life is like a visible half circle while the other half is neatly stored within the person.

Life is like a fruitful stem that stands firm or creeps. While the fruit is a form of effort and prayer. sweet fruit and can be enjoyed by many people or fruit that tastes the same for everyone.

Life becomes a colorful, dark or illegible record because it is changed by the passage of time.

Life is like a queue of turns to feel the same story with a different story.

If we have to wait

wait with enthusiasm

wait with a definite step

wait to find the answer

wait for not die in error

wait to continue to live looking for a truth that becomes a good

Wait for a happiness in the end, wait for a life.

"Life is an uncertainty that is sought while you have found that life is a certain thing to be lived alone or together"

© 2021 Halley Kawistoro

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