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Waiting for the War

Mark is a Certified Public Accountant and a published writer having been featured in several anthologies along with his hometown newspaper.

Everybody’s been waiting
For the next big thing
A kite came along saying
Hey man, please tie my string
I was distracted all at once
It filled the whites of my eye
Reality is made on the ground
Dreams are made in the sky
I’m not sure about that
But I believe it anyway

I’m sitting here watching
Just like twenty years ago
They once said the President
In even years, he’s got to go
Then a bullet stepped in
Saying, it ain’t always so
History’s not a crystal ball
It’s the truth buried in a hole
Is anybody sure about that?
How would they know?

Did we ever get along?
Now we’re living all alone
Maybe people are saying
The hate they kept at home
We have to work this out
Get to know our neighbor
This is the chance we have
Love or forget our savior
I’m pretty sure about that
But tell me if I’m wrong

I think it’s time for a drink
The world’s about to blow
No matter the winners
The losers ain’t gonna go
It’s a civil war of the mind
Will street blood follow?
If we can’t live in peace
A sword we will swallow
I'm very sure about that
That’s why we pray

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