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Waiting for Consent

Ahsan is a writer, he writes everything about life, love and hope. He is a poet also,he writes about whole of life and world.

You, behind the clouds,
In the moment of sudden deportation.

This vast sky, waiting for consent,
Behind the black clouds,
You come and stand,
I will see you again.

The demand for control of nature,exile of civilization;
Fagun loses in arrogance, waiting for consent.

In the moment of sudden deportation,
Scream, darkness, no sun,
There is no light in the heart,
Fear covers the mind,waiting for consent.

In the morning sun,
You looked up.
The heated fireplace suddenly cools,
Maya's radiance in your tired eyes.

Aura of love in my delightful mind,
Excitement, good looks; waiting for consent.

There is no language, the voice is silent,
Lots of decorations all around, embarrassed.

Exit at a moment; trembling trembles across the chest,
Saying, 'Love you,holding your hand'.

May, 2016

Waiting moment


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