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Waiting Forever

Gel has been trying to write poems since she read Slammed by Colleen Hoover in 2013.

Waiting Forever

I used to think
I'm a go-getter
Someone who wouldn't sink
Even on a bad weather

I used to feel
I'm unbreakable
Someone with no void to fill
In my perfect little bubble

I used to say
'I am not a quitter' 
I might need more than a day
But I'll always be a winner

But then days turned to week
Then to months and then to years
And now I'm feeling weak though I'm not sick
I've no one to run, where are my peers? 

Is it all in my head? 
Where is my perfect little bubble?
There's so much I haven't said
But all I can do is mumble

The unsinkable sunk
It was all just a front act
Wishing everything would go blank
Wishing I could go back

Someone help me out
Someone fill me up
Someone erase these doubts
But 'someone' has to be me, gotta interrupt 

You weren't unsinkable 
But you managed to swim against the tide
You weren't unbreakable 
But you are strong despite being petrified

You don't have to be a winner
To be happy and to shine
You may feel like you've been waiting forever
But you are never too late in your own time

© 2020 Genne Arcangel


Genne Arcangel (author) from Philippines on June 15, 2020:

Thank youuu. *tears up*

AngelaJJ on June 15, 2020:


Ahlgilyn Cabanado from Philippines on June 15, 2020:

Proud of you!!

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