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Waiting By The Curb

Mark is a Certified Public Accountant and a published writer having been featured in several anthologies along with his hometown newspaper.


Would it be different if you were a stranger
I feel like I have something left to prove to you
Everyone knows the situation I’m in
And I know it better than anyone else
It’s not a movie, it’s the way life has gone
They don’t know the life you and I left by the curb
The bag is still there, nobody else thinks it’s trash
So why do we?

Everybody has seen this one before
We try to be so polite about it all
Walking through a pile of right and wrong
I don’t need to know who I am
Did you think I was looking at you for answers
No I’m not, that’s not what you need right now
I was hoping you were tired of questions
Just like I am

It’s the first time around for some things
I want to dig my toes into you
Like the sand at my feet, you know how it feels
I can take you by the hand instead
Being here is being anywhere we want
We can walk life together, now it will surely sing
Pressing your lips to mine is where it starts
When will you?

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