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Wait for Me

A daughter who loves her mother and now wants to fulfill her mother's dream till her death unites them again.

It's been so long without you,

yet I feel you close.

So close you've ever been with me

my love for you just grows.

I know you see me everyday

and sometimes smile at me too.

Somedays you still cry so hard

it makes my heart wander about you.

I beg of you to wait for me till we meet again,

I'll be with you soon until then, just bear the growing pain

Wait for me on the other side as we're not finished yet

Wait for me on the other side as I know you'd too want that.


I can bear with this life only in the hope to see you soon,

If there's no other side then my whole existence is just a doom.

Wait for me oh! please wait for me, while I wait for my death.

Soon we'll be together forever but before then just bear this separateness.

I promise to stay with you forever on the other side,

No worries, no death, just you and I living for the rest of our lives

I love you, my mother who gave me nothing but love

And now that you are not here, it's the only thing that I dread.

© 2021 Parul Rawat