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Words… I Am Lost in Words

Princess is a language graduate from the Philippines. She loves to write, read and learn.


Words...I Am Lost in Words
Words-- they inspire, they transpire,
Words-- they devour, then they become sour,
Words-- they move so fast, then they become a past.

You wander and run, you examine and have fun;
You play with them then you get tired of them.
They play with your head till you lay down in your bed;
Oh, words bring storms of emotions till you can’t dance with the motion.

I am lost in words, tired of writing, tired of reading,
Yet I need them for a living.
I am lost in words, drifting in meaning,
I am lost in words, trying to figure it out from the beginning.

Words -- they are nothing but letters, formed to make sense together;
But why? Why do they pierce the soul and the marrow,
Hitting ego, hurting people, making them recall.
And oh, how about love...ain't it a beautiful word full of wonder?

How can I forget the word grammar -- crazy and overwhelming,
How about the word spelling -- making my eyes roll and my tongue twist.
And pronunciation, enunciation, diction, posture,
Aren't they taking you to different dimensions?

Words -- they are drowning in my imagination;
I see them everywhere, I hear them anywhere.
Silence, ah even silence is a word,
A word I need to calm the chaos storming inside me.

Words-- how to say I cannot reciprocate love?
Words-- how to say you only have 3 months left to live?
Words-- how to say I wanted you to stay though you want to leave?
Words-- how to say I cannot end this piece with a powerful ending?

© 2021 Princess Nel-Ann Olo