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When It Comes to You.


I have realized that am not myself around you, I really don't know what happens or why it happens
When it comes to you, am basically defenseless and at times speechless. I may act whole but am wobbly in the inside, you may see a smile at times but that's how I shut myself up because 'no idea ' is my middle name.
I thought crushes should just come and go but when it comes to you I just don't know how to explain it. I think amma crush on you kinda like forever. I'll admit, that's crazy coming from me but I honestly think that this one will be kinda be ' till death do us part. '
Am loud, on paper
Not so bad at starting conversations
, I just don't know why am terrible at both when you get involved. You scramble my brains that I don't know where to start and even when I know where to start I still don't know where to start. Am not this bad, maybe this phase will pass by soon and maybe I won't be so weird ( I know am just saying this to make myself of feel good because this phase might last a while longer than I hope it will).
I had this planned out in my head, and I honestly forgot everything I thought I had well thought off after I saw you smiling in my head. Just the thought of you makes my day worth it.
When it comes to you, I don't know if am ever myself. But am working on it, I promise.
I love at times, but it's you am obsessed and addicted to and am sure there's no other cure other than you.

So if you get to read this, just know I need an overdose of you until am myself again ...


© 2022 Amani Utembu

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