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When I Walked Back

Walked down pathway

Just as the school bell rang

Ran towards the school gate

To see my best friends face

Carried our bags all the way home

Since year one until now,

Played till our shorts turned brown

Forgive me girl but am in love

Grew up to know the world

Shared our secrets, our tears and pain

Laughed together for everything

I fell for you all over again

Moved out of town remember don’t you?

Promised down the lake I’ll stay here for you

Years passed by but am still waiting for you

Released it was too late when you visited a week ago

The hopes I had were nothing at all

My love for you will hide inside forever and more

Dear girl you are walking down that isle

Am standing next to you, still hoping to be your groom.

© 2017 Sammani Galagamaarachchi

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