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When I Knew Love


My heart is crying out for you
My body craves your warmth
My lips miss your kisses
My brain just can't get enough of you.
My hands are longing for your touch
My eyes are waiting to make you blush once again..
I am longing for you to come back.
Am longing for those days when it was just us two, all that mattered. The days I'll be late to get home and my mum would just smile when we made eye contact.
The days when we go all around town holding hands like little kids. The days I had to sneak out just to come and say "I love you " in person.
The days when we'd hug for almost ten minutes, with you breathing hard on my neck. The days when seeing you felt like the word wasn't revolving anymore..
The days.... The days when I'd wake up and call you just to hear your voice early in the morning. The days when even the birds couldn't beat our love.
The days that made people think I was crazy or probably on drugs..
The days I had to fix up some lies just so we could meet up. .The days I'll never forget.
And every day with you feels like we meeting for the first time. Your eyes still glow like the did. Your smile still makes me blush. Your voice lights my heart on fire.
And for all I know is that I could spend the whole day with you and miss you the second you leave. Am jealous when you spending time with someone else and not me. Am heartbroken whenever you have to be far away..
.. Am always wishing to create one more day for me not to forget...
One more day with my heart on fire..
On more day knowing that you'll always be mine. One more day knowing that I love you more than I love myself.
One more day, that I'll always look back and my heart will smile back ....
One more day to let the world know that you are mine. .
.. One more day to add to" the days ".

© 2019 Amani Utembu

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