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What Is It That I Search For?

I'm a mathematician and have taught mathematics and related courses for over 3 years. Still working on myself. Still I rise

Never Satisfied

Man daily seeks power, freedom, riches and all that he deems good, but no matter how much he gets, he always wants more.


What is it that I search for?

My heart is yet to find.

I sought life but I realize that

No matter how I live

I am living to die someday.

No matter how fortunate I am

I still run out of luck

I want so much

Yet the more I get the more I want.

I have power

But I still feel weak within.

I have freedom

Yet I am trapped in my own world.

I've had so many answers

Yet I'll never stop asking.

What is it that I search for?

My heart is yet to know.

For I have everything

Yet I own nothing.

Even in my riches

I still feel poor.

Even in my wisdom

I still seem foolish.

Even in my bravery

I'm still afraid.

No matter how beautiful I become

I still look ugly

No matter how famous I get

I still slide into obscurity.

What is it that I search for?

Indeed I will never know

For no matter how much I get

I am always insatiable.

© 2019 Ehilenbalu David Uduebor

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