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The world's on a war

Against something we cannot see
Most are asked to stay in their hives
And stop working like bees.

While nurses, doctors, healthworkers almost never sleeps
Guards, soldiers, police standing strong on their feet
People on stores, markets, and pharmacies, working for long hours
Collectors helping us keep a garbage-free house.

Government officials are making most of what they can do
Providing food, transportion, medicines, and other assistance too
Neighbors trying to help the less fortunate
People are learning to trust fate and hold on to their faith.

The media's keeping us aware and updated
Musicians, artists, through arts extend a lot of help
Private sectors show a lot of compassion and care
To reach the poor, the rich went down their stairs.

Scientists are busy making kits, studying the virus
And the infected ones are fighting so hard for it has yet no cure
Those being monitored and investigated are hopeful to survive
Some were able to overcome and now are well and alive
But like unfortunate warriors , many have already died.

Everyone's struggling right now
No one knows when will this end or how
But this crisis reminds us of the things
We didn't care much in our normal living.

It tells us that time with our family is precious
Playing board games and good conversations with them are treasures
Reminds us that shakehands and hugs from our friends are gold
And that we should make time for our hobbies before we grow too old.

While we discovered the fun of using tiktok
To God, more often, we also learned to pray and talk
We see that rich or poor we are all on the same battle
And that as children of God, we will heal together.

So let us follow rules, keep in mind our modern day heroes
Pray for others, for the world, and for the deads' souls
Do not ever forget that, like every season, and every struggle
This too shall pass, and hand in hand, we will win this together!

And after this crisis
Things will never be the same
For we have learned life's important lessons
We will be so much better than how we have been.

© 2020 Heidie Ibarra

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