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We ( Me, My Brain and My Heart)


//* WE (me, my brain and my heart)* //

'We' should stop lying to ourselves that we okay... Am never okay, I don't know about you guys, because you really don't speak when I want you to. I wanna blame you two but i won't although I feel like I should...

'We' should stop listening to music when we wanna hurt us, and probably listen to that kind that we often think heals us. Am hoping this is doable because it just happens and there's nothing I can do about it.
'We' should stop fighting, its literally killing us and now I feel like I lost it for real this time . I feel like we need a break, but am willing to work things out... Like literally just let you hang in there and be silent when I ask for some me time... We can always debate, that never left the table.
'We' should reconcile.. We all made bad decisions and made me do a lot a wish I could take back.. Yeah, like that time (brain) you said you could never be wrong.. And that time ( heart) you said love is a beautiful thing... And I broke for your sakes... And that time I thought music could silence both of you...... Am sorry..
We should listen more because we are forever wrong, even when we agree on something, and that's why we've been bad at love, bad at everything actually.. We should just listen to them, sometimes its not always about us...

We probably should take a vacation, just to be sure we are okay with this new agreement.
' we ' will be fine ... Maybe we will be happy again when the sun comes up tommorow.

© 2021 Amani Utembu