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A Poem Moving Forward

Thoughts jumbled and emotions raw

Conversations have died, food has become tasteless, can I have some wine? A smile?

Fall's fiery leaves are crackling under size eights,

the air crisp, sharp, beautiful!

Life is glistening on my teeth, dazzling in my eyes, whispering in my ears and warming my veins. The heart is fragile, and patience is short.

Closed doors and hushed phone calls

Music plays but no swaying limbs

Living distant lives in close quarters

Can I have a smile? some words?

Frustrations abound

The sun greeted my forehead and kissed my eyes as I squinted

Then I saw him, then he smiled, then I wondered

could he? could he be my detangler?

Detangle me from the chaos? from the cubicle of distance living that housed me?

A profound lapse in thoughts, carried away like whispers on the wind.

Life changes course,

Moving forward, starting over.

Life is short, don't drink cheap wine.

© 2022 C Marie Brown