Women Hood

Updated on April 19, 2018
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Well I am Nosheen.I have done B.Sc from Home Economics college Lahore. and am doing M.A English literature.I love literature.

  • I was daughter of Adam and Eve.
  • I was strong but devoted my all life.
  • Where was my sleep,Where it gone?
  • Where is my peace,Where it gone ?
  • The relations God made around me.
  • The emotions God put on me.
  • My life is a journey of all stages.
  • I am doing that job without wages.
  • All day and night I do efforts to comfort others
  • When the kids give comfort to there mothers?
  • To bear but no tears is a womenhood
  • It was inoccent,but where I lost my childhood
  • One day daughter of eve would die.
  • Day will come when she will say the world bye.


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