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Voices in the Sky

Poetry that comes from the writer's heart of things she has seen or come to know about, sharing what that heart has learned.

How do animals and birds of the air know what to do? Were they born knowing hibernation? Did this knowledge come from the sea? Did it come from the sky?


Voices in the Sky - A Poem

Autumn leaves begin to fall as they have for years

How do the squirrels and beings of all kind know

to find warmth; gather food, to not starve in winter

Listen to their chatter of hurry, they are never slow

I would say none of these wild things have ever starved

Their houses all look the same as others of their own kind

Like the nest of different birds none no better than the other

Who tells them things to do, teaches or put it in their mind?

Mornings become crisp from the colder nights in autumn

The birds I have watched for many years gather together

Having a speech we do not know but we know they talk

They practice before they migrate off, to a better weather


How Do They Know What to Do?

I have watched them so amazed maybe hundreds together

They fly out in unison so perfectly and never hit each other

Landing in trees to communicate and taking practice runs

Are they teaching the ones hatched this year, many a mother?

Maybe this is just what they always do to ensure a safe flight

And if they like where they are going, why then do they not stay?

But things go on with wildlife, them knowing just what to do

In each and every species they merely have their own way

Having sat and watched the birds in amazement and wonder

A practice lasting so long yet I couldn’t leave until they flew

It looked perfect to me the very first time but they kept on

Perfecting something I couldn’t understand, yet they all knew


What Gives Them Desire to Gather?

They had a long journey and it had to be just right to go there

And this arrow they formed, does it help pull them along?

Or fight the winds they might meet up with getting some lost

The meetings oddly made with chatter and never with a song!

As with many of us the animals work hard for their daily food

Yet they build their houses without a blueprint design

They don’t just work and build and only hunt food always

Many times they have play and fun while the weather’s fine

Have you wondered knowing the baby is pushed out to fly

These baby birds were not around to see how to build a nest

How does it know to build one next year the very first time

What to put where and when to begin this annual quest


Good and Evil in Birds and Animals?

Such a mystery and how can it even be called instinct to know

How to build nests like the type they are unless they can speak

Have a language just like us that no one understands but them

Is all this chatter really talk and training for all answers they seek?

Do each type bird have its own language just as humans?

All these years seeing them intermingle except to fight for food

In humans different languages did not prevent war or having enemies

How many birds tongues are there and different sounds of a mood?

There is evil in the bird world besides the fact we know some kill

Some birds are evil, not maternal, who lays eggs in another's nest

Laying an egg to fool the birds of this home thinking it is their own

While an egg of theirs is on the ground, the Cuckoo does this best


Genius or Evil?

In only seconds she can sneak in and the mystery is unknown to man

She can make her egg each time in different nest look like the mother's

Is there voices in wildlife as in humans that give choices of good and bad?

Do they too question the whys of nature that seem unfair as with others?

Why does God allow such things, all who believe in Him may wonder

But if He does not stop the birds of which we never dreamed had a soul

To choose evil and trickery to get out of taking care of their own young

We who know God could never believe He made birds for such a role

What about us and for many nothing really changes in cold winter

We do not have to gather for winter yet many of us always do

What is that voice we all hear, animals and human seem alike

A voice somewhere in our being tell us things that we should do


That Voice

That Voice I know tell all living things what to do and when

That Voice lets every living thing know wrong from rights

Though many will never admit it, all these things of wonder

How can hearts not be touched by nature’s amazing sights?

A small sparrow never falls to the ground this Voice does not see

The season we have is growing short, we can see it everywhere

Those who can hear the Voice, certainly can understand this time

We can only warn those who listen that there’s little time to spare

Even animals I have seen look all around themselves in thought

That Voice speaks to everyone and in my heart I know this to be true

All on earth did not just happen by chance, all these many wonders

So open your heart with your ears when next this Voice speaks to you

Voices in the Sky

Voices in the Sky

© 2017 Jackie Lynnley

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