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Visualize Your Vision

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Sara is a creative writer and her vision is to spread Happiness, love and Optimistic thoughts.


Unlock the Prison

Visualize Your Vision

Your Mind Is Creating Yourself According to Your Will

Powerful Thoughts Emit Positivity and Thrill

Introducing New Idea to the Universe

No Matter How Circumstances Are Getting Adverse

Focus and Faith Flourishes the Imagination

Law of Attraction Takes Hold of Your Visualization

Polish Your Hidden Abilities Which are Treasurable

A Journey from Invisible to Visible is Reachable

Coming Up on the Surface with Your Capricious Chemistry

Accept Greetings from Mankind for a Glorious Victory


Be the Inventor and Creator of Your Dreams:

We have so many examples of how people used their imagination, Picture the result and send that powerful frequency to the Universe. The law of attraction interprets that signal and return that powerful thought with a brighter image. To leverage the Universe, creative people bring their inventions and ideas to the world and we reap the benefits from new technologies, new imagination, and thinking.

Some of the examples are as follows:

• Dr. Allama Iqbal (a Poet, Philosopher, politician, and cultural journal of the Muslims of British India) also known as the Dreamer of Pakistan. He gave the idea of a separate homeland for Muslims.

• Wright brothers and the plane.

• Thomas Edison and the light bulb.

• Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone.


Success is just like a Ladder. Think big but set small milestones to reach your ultimate goal.

— Sara Shahid.

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