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Visions of an Unwanted Past

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Believed that a new year brought new opportunities

Ways to grow and expand in different directions

Evolving into some semblance of an ideal adult

Rolling eyes at the idea that it wasn't even close

To being an actual goal accomplished in the slightest

Thought the demons from the woebegone days eradicated

Through a year and some change of hard emotional labor

Found out last night that it wasn't entirely the case

Had an intensely realistic nightmare of one skeleton

Came out of the ground after being buried deep

In a vast graveyard of past childhood boogeymen

This particular monster differed from the rest

Wrapped in a cloak of kindness and an attractive figure

Had a deceptive smile to lure unsuspecting prey

Into their web of lies and confusion

Made even the strongest of souls weak in the knees

Questioning their identity and self confidence

Wondered after the fact how they were so easily fooled

Came down with wanting a connection

A companion to grow old with and snuggle with

On those unexpectedly cold and snowy nights

Watched enough Hallmark movies to know the tale

Familiar and cliché ridden with plot holes

Glad to have dodged a bullet when they left the scene

Before getting further invested in a total fabrication

Unnerved by a nightmare from last night

Seemed so realistic that it could be touched by passersby

A blast from the semi-distant past stopped by

Apologized and wanted a real shot at the future

Naively in the sub-conscious allowed them entry again

Woke up in a cold sweaty start at the idea

Seemed to be fighting internal thoughts and reality

Logically knew that this particular chapter was done

Pre-written by the universal secretary before being sent off

To be published for the world to see

Craved for the idea of move away from this sordid prologue

Unable to do so based on world events saying so

Cannot meet new people at this present juncture

Distrustful of online sites promising happiness

Just another outlet for people to false advertise themselves

A job interview on a personal level

Ready to turn the page; even though they're stuck together

Working on remedying that situation

A long a laborious process, but determined to do so

No matter how long it takes.

Trying to turn the page, but unable to do so for now.

Trying to turn the page, but unable to do so for now.

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