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Visionary Dreams


Nian loves to write poetry. She always wants to convey a beautiful message through her poetry.


Visionary Dreams

There's a path I could take,

there's far off lights I could chase.

Oh mind! What have you done with me,or should I blame my heart for deceiving me.

I want to run a thousand miles but the problem is,I have to gather the strength to cross even a single mile.

The way my thoughts consume me,I think I would never be able to believe me.

but sometimes,I look at the sun for just a while,to look at how bright he shines.

and sometimes to look at the moon,on how peaceful it looks,

There's a fire within,there's a spark outside.

there's a gloom within,there's a glow outside.

To speak about one thing,to praise another one.

Nature in all its glory,is fuel for the seeker,

but nothing for a fool.

© 2021 Nian

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