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Virtual Sunlight

What if the source of your sunlight snuffs? What if the reason behind your smiles disappears? Can you afford to accept? or Lie to your self that the sunlight is still out there?


The sunlight strikes at the unexpected time
Say it's an omen yet no clues given
Tossing possibilities of a dime
Made boundaries even if forbidden

I gained sunlight in the dark stratosphere
But the photographs show nothing 'bout you
Still I wore a mask to cover my fear
Keep on uttering the word "no, you're true!"

What's real and what isn't, the truth and the lie
The sunlight in the night turned into gloom
Horrifying darkness, you slowly die
And the world that I built, everything doomed

It dawns, but I still want to stay the night
I still want to feel the virtual sunlight

I followed the Shakespearean Sonnet pattern. What can you say about my piece?

© 2018 Ariel Madrid

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