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Progression of forgiveness


The liquid of the river falls in line.

Just like philosophy with life.

Every small step, I take a deep breath.

With progress I dream of success.

Only with fear placed above my head.

Time will only tell I plot with no revenge.

Pessimism runs deep like the blood in my veins.

I hope you have a spectacular holiday.

If you have time lend me your eyes, I have much to share.

I will start with the one who saved me from despair.

She is like me in so many ways.

She balances with optimistic rays.

She has a daughter that is two , I'll give you a hint of the name it's a phase of the moon.

With simular starting careers of STNA.

Cassie is so different I am happy to say.

I hope one day you guys finally meet.

You'll enjoy her company she is such a treat.

She frowns upon coffee.

I guess their is more for you an me.

© 2021 Cory Dye

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