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Villain to Victim


A relationship without gratitude and respect is not love at all.

— Shing Araya

When you took the baby away,
two men died;
one went eternally asleep
the other lost all his being.

There ain't nothin' big
nor somethin' serious
that can't be fixed.

But, there was
'nd abandonment!

You see,
those men accepted you
when nobody else does.

Those men took care of you
when your family cast you away.

You cried,
they symphatized.
you lied,
they've forgiven you.

Even when you cheated,
he understood.
you disrespected him,
still he bows down to you.

All because,
you were accepted,
cared and loved
even if you knew
you don't deserve that much!

You turned your back,
all because of your
narrow, shallow, and empty mind.

At the end,
you took the lives
of two men
who served,
and welcomed you
as a part of the family.

They died,
still you didn't stop!

You picked the knife and
cut off the ropes
so they fall down.

So, you won
they lost it all
and you lied again
to people all around.

You rephrased the story,
the villain suddenly
became the victim.

© 2019 Shing Araya

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