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Viewing the War in Ukraine Through Empathetic Eyes: To Ukraine With Love

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


Pray for Ukraine

This was not a poem I wanted to write. It is a poem that I felt necessary to write. I had to express the hurt I was feeling within myself as I watched all the destruction in Ukraine on television. At times, I feel anger because people worldwide worry about gas prices more than the pain and suffering of other humans. And, of course, I am sickened by such an inhumane being like Putin. There was no reason for this war and no valid purpose to continue it. But most of all, I had to validate the bravery of the Ukrainian people and the awe I have when I hear them talk so lovingly of their country and the courage they have to defend it against a tyrant. I hope that all of the Russians start to understand the absolute unnecessary action of their leader and will join the brave others who have already walked in protest against this atrocity. I am sad.


I Stand With Ukraine!

Do we mourn the deaths of the dead? Do we give

afterthought to their beautiful


For our own souls fear death as it nears. But the truth is

not many strangers will remember the


As an empath who does feel pardon to drown my

memories in tears of an unknown ghost's


I do wonder why there are so few who can feel

those mourning Mom's


Where is the internal human tie that should bond us?

Where is the unified decency of kindness?


As others all over the world petty about higher petrol

for their clunkers, we empaths cannot find a simple


We weep through the clash of this war only witnessed.

Our souls ache tortured for those who are living the cruel


Grasping the unjust of it all. Feeling heavy to know that it was

a selfish oligarch's demand to


He looks at innocent families as waste. Putin has sealed his fate

as a sickening historical


The scorned child who grew up to fester a vengeance-- to

practice Stalin's reign to eliminate all who offend


Playing with people like they were toy soldiers. I can

Imagine his little child smile-- crooked, evil, eerily


And although it may seem he has found a way to feed his

adult greed-- by buckling eastbound and down in a military


The victors will be planted in the soil of the land and

written about fondly within the laws of their


They are the folks who fly yellow and blue with honor. And stand

tall through Vladimir's attempts at unwanted


They are heroes and citizens who fight through the strain

and will forever be known as the mighty


© 2022 Missy Smith

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