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Always expect more from yourself and less from others, living in a world of societies your health and true consciousness of mind, etc is all that matters.

Never let anything get you down, know that you have to travel far and the best is yet to come.

Do not let the negative impact your way, always be a self-willed controlled individual that shows strength and fearlessness in every way.

Never let the worrying voices brainstorm your mind to make you confuse and stress, whatever meaningful things for you, always know that you will certainly get.

Your true life and pathway ages ago was ordained and planned, your true destiny is safely set by your true master's hand.

No one cannot remove what is meaningfully meant for you, no one cannot close true doors that you should go through.

You already know that your life is made upon love, truth, hope, strength and faith, and not some false word of a wish.

Do not let what people call the hard times, worry you,

do what you can now and the rest later on do.

Your life is not made to worry,

Your steps are not made to be in a hurry.

Always stay in a peaceful way,

and never indulge in negativity take part in positive ways and not the negative ones to lose yourself and stray.

© 2019 The Eloquent Heart Writer

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