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Victorious in you

The feeling of victory pouring through my veins,

knowing that my savior lives vicariously in me;

the emotions spewing from my pores and filling the room with joy,

others noticing my positivity change and hoping it is contagious;

for we need this light to show in other's lives.

Can you feel the shift illuminate the room?

Is this something we can cherish,

a moment in time where we can show others a bright smile;

in this dark moment in the world.

All I've ever wanted was to bring others a sense of hope;

to show them not all days will be bad,

I pray whoever reads this feels that shift in their lives

just know I'm rooting for you and want nothing but to bring a smile

to your face.

I love this! I took this picture at a coffee shop

I love this! I took this picture at a coffee shop


Samantha Stoerkel (author) from Miami on April 15, 2020:

Thank you so much we all need that postivity during this hard time!

Shalini Jadhvani from India on April 14, 2020:

Thank you Samantha for sharing such an uplifting poem.You surely brought a smile on my face.This is the need of the hour,Positivity.Just like a burning candle can lit the surroundings with its light and make the darkness disappear,the same way,happiness and positivity,can transmit its positive vibes and make the polluted air,filled with negative vibes of anxiety and worry into pure and divine. A beautiful poem written with a pure heart. Good luck!

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