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Victoria on the Wall


As I stand before your photograph,

On the wall above the fireplace,

I can't help but think of you, Victoria,

That evil smirk splayed across your face.

Do you remember the springs, Oh Victoria?

When you ate up shiny butterflies?

Or the time when you crashed into the China vase,

And Mother called you a "devil in disguise"?

Do you miss the humid summers, dear?

When I dunked you into the swimming pool?

Or the time when I stuffed you in my bag,

And took you for a trip to school?

I miss your eyes, gleaming with malice, as

You sat and plotted plans, full of spite,

Against the cowardly neighbourhood dog,

As I sat writing nonsense verse at midnight.

I remember you dashing after mice,

Displaying your incredible agility

Then lick your paws clean,

With the air of a queen

You were truly the epitome of feline beauty!

I miss your green eyes on your whiskery face,

Your devilish grin, above all.

I miss you, darling Victoria,

Smiling malevolently at me.

From your place on the wall.

© 2017 Shreya Chadha