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Victoria by Kevin Siervo

Kevin Siervo is a Licensed Professional Teacher living in the Philippines specializing in Language and Creative Arts.



By: Kevin Siervo


The long cold night seem to take refuge

As I rushed through the stairs of the old edifice

With a glimpse of light I saw you

Dumbfounded between admiration and silence.


I just sighed as I saw you looked at me

Admiring every curve you see in me

But don’t even think to accuse me

For we both knew this shouldn’t be.


We stepped closer to each other

Passionately kissed one another

I have blushed as if I was a first timer

Knowing you already have her.


You grabbed me hand in hand

And devastatedly asked me:

“Do you still love me?”

I neglected your question

And walked away with all the anticipation.


My tears came falling

As I vanished from the façade of the building

Not minding the raindrops that keep on falling

And embraced myself with the love that was left unspoken.


You followed me and I ran desperately;

I don’t want to see you again

That’s why I suit myself in the rain

Until a bus came on the lane.


My hands were crumpled

And horror took place

I felt my body shivered

And shouted as if I was haunted.


You called my name “Victoria!”

But I won’t play your game again

That’s why I’ve wasted the time to listen

Soaking beneath the bloodshed that spread on the lane

I felt my body united with the coffin.


Now you came and I saw you cried

I wiped your tears with all I can

And asked forgiveness for what I have done

But you just held me tight

And silence was filled with grief.


For now I knew that your love was true

Yet I decided to let you go

‘Cause I knew you love her so

That’s why I walked away with all the sorrow.


I love you for real

And you told me that your love for her was unreal

Being with you was like heaven

But for now let me find peace in my own heaven.


Maybe you’re angry of what I did

But I think it is the best that I could give

Loving her is my gift for you accept

So you won’t suffer if ever I leave.

© 2019 Kevin Siervo

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