Victim of Strange and Unsettling Circumstances

Updated on September 8, 2018
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Repeatedly told to count a mountain of blessings

Not to dwell on the dollops of negativity swirling

Into the once picturesque canvas made by

A world famous artist or a perfectly good forger

A liar who can fake it into order to make it

Impossible for someone to do with worst poker face

Unable to keep a straight face in joke telling

Covering up dislike of an annoying partygoer

More difficult than rediscovering illusive joie de vivre

Finding that lost spark of passion for life and sleep

Went through the motions like a robot in need of oil

Hard to maintain a smile on my face

When the universe has stacked their deck

Of rigged playing cards against you from succeeding

Maintaining a level of stability or happiness for too long

Not more than a minute before the other shoe dropped

Onto the ground and shattering into a million minuscule bits

Sounded pessimistic in the extreme to many

Borderline whiny to others sick of listening to same rant

Feet glued in place on the last train to Clarksville

Going nowhere fast with little else to go

Except in an endless circle through the same two stops

On a continuous and repetitive loop

Made a vow to be a superstar princess

Can't get past being a regular pauper in designer shoes

Well, make that knock-off designer shoes

This wannabe princess was on a budget after all.

Too many curve balls thrown during this home run derby

Hard to keep track of them all whizzing by at 95 miles an hour

Brain been placed in the pulsating speed on the blender

Obliterated by medications and exhaustion

Sleepwalking through reality and conversation with ease

Obsessed with dreams of a diluted past and a phony future

Ready to find a common ground between the two

In the real world

A challenge that is acceptable; over time of course

It is the weekend; even plans need a break.

Is it done by a famous artist or someone not so famous? You decide which is the more obvious answer.
Is it done by a famous artist or someone not so famous? You decide which is the more obvious answer.



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