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Victims of Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

On the isolated dark abyss,
lonely cold breeze blew.
Distant little sounds seem to reminisce,
giggles, cries, screams, and murmurs.

Unfolding her wings, she made motions,
illuminating this chasm as she dance with passion.
Moving gracefully and unhindered,
hoping to be the lighthouse of her oblivious lover.

Dream it must be to him who live in shadows.
Drowned to her being so brave that he fell.
With urge he drew his sword and dodged all dangers.
Secretly protecting her from the flames of hell.

She, who was willing to risk her halo and wings,
without uncertainty loved him.
He, who was now with love felt his heart throbbing,
the kind of emotion he never knew existed.

Ironic it is,
how both of them knew the rules of Heaven and Hell.
yet both fell for each other.
In secret;
from afar;
protecting, and loving
without each other's knowledge.

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