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Vices of the Righteous

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Stuck in my ways
Dragged by my thoughts
Influenced by trends
Riding in cool

I came across a player
She wish my heart in her play
One too many for her practices.

She a chooser
You know having options
Between the quantities of quality
Mann you just another tool.

I loved her
But she played games
So I ordered a double player
They feel touchy

The motto is everybody a cheater
The young care free
The old in bandage
We all pledge guilty

Dreams of iniquities
Are the hustles of bait
To trap our fantasies
In an urban crib

Monogamy builded on lies
Trust in the stage of fragile
Became an invincible glass
Made visible the packs of BS

Now stacked in lust
Bought a trip to fairy land
Where they are lining up
To ride my unicorn

The confident shy boy
My lack of approach baits them
And they fall into my trap

I am a piece of greatness
Methodic in my thinker
The ladies see me in awe
The men fall in caution.

© 2021 Mr Saul

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