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Vibrance ( a poem of inspiration)

Vibrant colors of this world are such a gift...

Vibrant colors of this world are such a gift...

Colors...the beautiful, and magical, expressions of the earthen plain,

Delight the eyes and other senses, paint grand pictures, we retain.

Resplendent, magnificent manifestations, our world, indeed, to gain,

So creates a lovelier place to abide, is embodied in every fine grain.

Such Vibrant sights to embellish our lives, a blessed existence for each,

A provider of joyous memories, far beyond celestial regions to breach.

Tints, hues, shades, and tones, all to brighten our time here on earth,

An enjoyable proposition in its value, greater than gold in its grand worth.

Natural joys of this world...

Natural joys of this world...

Beauty all about us...

Beauty all about us...

Rainbows colors all adorn this world, as a special spiritual adoration,

Worn as clothing, as an embodiment for the good earth's salutation.

The truest of all beauty to be captured, held in the eyes of the beholder,

Colorful wonders so well are displayed, the lighter hues, to those bolder.

What beautiful deception, might these our colors to be, as some delusion,

Could they mask an unhappy world, serving to masquerade, as confusion?

No...for in color there is all truth, the very essence of beauty meant to be,

So grand and spectacular in its grace, how so blessed are we all this to see.

The masterpiece of a sky...

The masterpiece of a sky...

© 2016 whonunuwho

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