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Ventures of the Breeze

This inquisitive fellow here serves an inclination towards reading, writing, exploring new things and much more...


"Knock knock", a tap on the door
It was the gently blowing breeze

Blushing at a glimpse of the roses
Reciprocating the smiles of the trees

Whiffing the fragrance of sweet petals
Frisking with the dancing leaves

Whispering to the birds cooing by
Caressing the blooming buds with a kiss

Tickling the hearts of clouds
Doodling vivacity in the heavenly skies

Gliding in through the windows
& stirring the curtains at ease

Then, emerging from the kitchens
Wafting aroma of morning coffees or teas

Leaning against the railings of the balcony
I witness the ventures of the cool breeze

It's then that Mumma calls me in
To get ready for the school as the clock ticks six

OOK...!! Let's reschedule the explorations for tomorrow morning
As there's much more to unravel about those journeys.... : )...

By Shivangi Rani...

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