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Venomonic (A Poem about Depression)


I don't know what I am anymore.

I hear a voice inside my head it feels hardcore.

When I walk in the streets I see your darkness,

when I lie in my bed I can feel your sadness.

Venomous you are a poison!

Venomous you're my destruction.

Get away from me!
can't get away from me...
run away from me or you get...

Venomous! Venomous
you're like a Venom.

The deadliest! Deadliest!

You're like a demon!

get away from me!
can't get away from me!
run away from me or...
is the venomonic me?


I am overwhelmed by your presence.
Strong possession my heart says beat it! Beat it!
When I walk in the streets I see all darkness!
When I close my eyes at night I see your darkness!
Venomous! You are a poison
Venomousyou'ree my destruction
get away from me
can't get away from me
when I look at the mirror all I see myself possessed
by a venomous!
you're like a demon!
get away go away venomonic

At the end of this dream
as I opened my eyes again
to see the light
Can't help.

Can't stop.

Can't fight the bite of.
Do you think I want it off?
I'll need the strength of the
venomous voice I heard of.


© 2018 Jean Sams

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