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Velocipede Verses #7: The Recovery Ride


I'm an avid cyclist who has ridden 30,000+ miles over the past seven years. I enjoy sharing the little I know with interested others.


The Recovery Ride

Recovery ride today
A way
To stay
And fit
And not work
The body too hard

Recovery ride today
Go slow
Spin light
Some scenery,
A coffee and biscuit


Recovery ride today
Rider blows by
On the trail
So fast
And doesn’t say
A single word

The nerve

Where you off to in such
An all-fired
I think
Don't say

[Recovery rides] need to be ridiculously, almost frustratingly easy. In the words of Sir Neal Henderson: “You should feel embarrassed to be seen riding so easy."

The best riders in the world know how to ride really hard, but just as importantly, they know how to ride really easy.


Recovery ride today?
Did I say
I’d move
But slow
Not work
My body too hard?

Tell myself
Relax, self
Heal your legs
Fitness benefits
Will abound

But something else
Steps in
Other shoulder
Taps and smiles
Then says
Recovery day?!
Gonna let this stand?!


So I stand
And start to bang
On the pedals
And grind
And huff
And wheeze
And rip right by
The speeding cyclist
Who passed me by

“On your left!”
I say
Blast 'round and by
Pull away
Down the trail
Don’t look back
Can’t slow down

Pedal rotation
Perfect circles
Faster faster faster

Heart rate rising
Perfect rhythm
Faster faster faster

My son at two used to say
"Faster, Daddy, faster!"
From his seat
On the back
Of my bike
As we raced
His mom
On the streets
Of Sumter
In summer

Wonder this guy's name
Who he is
Nice bike tho’
Where's he from
Might we be friends?
Nice bike, bro

Recovery ride today
Spinning now
Easy gait
Testosterone won
The race
And may have to take
A recovery day

Recovery ride today
Got away
Didn’t work out
So well

How to Master a Recovery Ride

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