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Velocipede Verses #4: Space and Race, Me and Time, Bikes and Life...and Truffles

I'm an avid cyclist who has ridden 36,000+ miles in the past decade or so. I enjoy sharing the little I know with interested others.


Space and Race, Me and Time, Bikes and Life...and Truffles

My day started mostly normal
Thinking about
And race
Like one for speed
Like one for rats
Like the other one

My ride started mostly normal
Thinking about
Warming up
Circling block
Stretching legs
And time
Like on a clock
Like when it’s free
Like the Einstein one

We won the race to space
Took first place
Beat to the draw our mortal foe

Al said time wasn’t real
Looks and feels
Relative to how fast you go

I call him Al
Like he’s a pal
Since I got the COVID hair

Speed of light
Reach it I might
Pedaling hard to get there


George is on my mind
So’s Al’s view of time
Then Truffles bolts out
I give a curt shout

Wheel broadside into neighbor’s
French bulldog

My day ended mostly normal
Thinking about
Bruised up hip
Bloody arm
Aching knee
And life
Like one that’s free
Like one that’s lost
Like the tragic one

Haunting the City of Lakes
And the states
And the country
And the world

While Truffles shakes a bit
Aches a bit
Rests her little hard head
And goes to sleep

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