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Velocipede Verses #5: Riding in the Rain

I'm an avid cyclist who has ridden 36,000+ miles in the past decade or so. I enjoy sharing the little I know with interested others.


Cinnamon Toast and a Ride

It is cold
It is windy
Sky is gray

I’m thinking of
Staying home today

It is warm
It is cozy
Fire’s aglow

I’m thinking of
Something apropos:

The Daily News
Calls my name
That marked book
Page is the same
As it was a week ago
A month ago
Maybe longer

Crossword needs doing
Dust motes need shooing
Used dishes accruing
Coffee’s done brewing

I’ll have a cup
Drink it on up
Read the news
Perhaps a short chapter
Solve 14 Down
Wipe off the window sill
Sift through the dish pile
For the cleanest knife
In the bunch

Buttered toast
Tastes so good
Reminds me of Mom
Where’s the cinnamon?
The cupboard could use
Some replenishin’


It is cold
It is raining
Sky is gray

I’m going out
For a ride today

Warm in here
Cozy, too
Fire’s nice

I’m going out
For a ride, that’s twice

I’ve said it now
Toast is good
I miss Mom
My face is wet
As I look for my bike clothes
And dress warm
For the ride ahead

It’s time to get going
That wind’s sure blowing
The will starts slowing
Move out now knowing

We won’t regret
We’ve never yet
Felt remorse
Or a sense of sorrow
After a ride
Grab my helmet and gloves
Sift through the snack box
For Fig Newtons and gels
For the road

Garage door
Rises slowly
Reminds me of Dad’s
I bought way back when
Remember he too loved
His mom’s toast with cinnamon


© 2020 greg cain

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