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Veil Removed During the Coronavirus Lock-down #1

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


She was ahead of him on

The queue in the bank about

Fifteen years ago, that was when

The internet facilities have been

Introduced into the banking sector

In the island. That day there were

Many people on queue, students

Who want to pay into the school account

Some workers have just been paid

There are business persons and other

People who are in the bank to make

One or more transactions but the network

Is bad, and it seems as if there is no

Solution in sight, until they receive

Some feed-backs from the headquarter

Of the bank which is located in the

Center of the island. The air conditioners

Are working at their maximum capacity

But people are yet sweating because of

The crowd in the banking hall premises

Some have been grieved by this development

And they are shouting on the cashiers

While they shout, the security personnel

Would come around to attend to them

And for a while they would keep their

Voices down but would raise them up again

When they see something strange. Among those

On queue who have vowed not to leave

The bank except they are attended to are some

Old people, pensioners who want to collect

Out of the stipends they have been credited

With for over the past thirty-six months they

Have not received a dim from the government


Their demonstrations have yielded no

Positive results as the governors were abusing

Them that they were not prudent when they

Were working, they were not taken proper

Care of their children for assuming they had

Taken proper care of their children, they

Would have the shoulders of those

Children to lean on now that they have

Retired, but the leaderships of the land

Are talking like strangers, like someone

Who have been imported from another land

To become leader of the island because in the

Island, there are many children who have

Graduated from institutions but who are still

Being fed by their aged parents because they cannot

Secure jobs and those who tried to get

Themselves established are having hard times

Finding their feet in the business terrain because

Businesses require good capital to flourish

And live above board. Those old people, the

Pensioners were also on queue to receive the

Token that the government announces on the

Social media to have credited into their accounts

And many of them if not all, vowed never to

Leave the place until they get something out

Of the bank. They are sited while some of them

Are on their feet and they are talking in hushed

Tones among themselves. Some of them who

Have separated for long were using the medium

As period of reunion among themselves.


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