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Veer Away

Nicole is a registered Mechanical Engineer who loves the outdoors and has a passion for helping people. IG: @liveforthegift

If you find yourself lost in the dark, would you do something to get found again?


I had a dream and I saw this face

With big black eyes watching completely

Her face is pale, complexion is light

Her lips are red and cheeks so rosy

But suddenly, I was asking "Who is she?"

I think I should know

Before all will ebb to curiosity

This lady with a visage so happy

My feelings tell me, I'm still a distant away

But reality speaks I'm getting nearer to discovery

Then it struck me, this aberrant face all along

Is a face I knew for so long

Oh yes! This is me! This is me?

But there's something so different, what can it be?

Okay! I get it, I get it already

I am no longer the person I was supposed to be

In this rabid world I see,

I don't want to be trapped, don't want to stay

But it will be evitable if I can move along

So I woke up and told myself to veer away

© 2019 Nicole Rich

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