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Vary Sirius

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this & that, is just between us-

images sent, with intent, beams belief' squeezed, words should read, what's all the fuss..

writing sucks..

lately, it's lost all the lust

devil, surely dont trust,

black ice driving slippery semi trucks,

totally fukked..

stuck in the rut, [really] about to give up..

fore for four.... missing more... 6 don't get stuck,

equations equate luck,

fuk. forget.. fables... tide tables relate to maples, staples, did you get enough,

food for the table, supermarket rages... 'save us',

save us... from mother earth.. stuck with old winters grip.. man- that's a stiff hand.. cold.. and way blown out of proportion, 'say uncle', sam!! uhhhhh...

shush.. ice you love.. because, you like gloves.. work jerk, let's rehearse, but first.. into the buff..

cold water shove.. into your face, wait.. reflex- dive mammal!! last puff..

swim within, searching just for the buzz,

stinging pain hurts,

chasing Sirius from Earth,

outer space is the chase, heavenly body is the hearse,

sure?? I don't know.. but let's go to page too for a new view that's never been seen bee, four, yes it's on page three.. so lets see... mirror reverse..

drive it works, couple of corners but the steering still swerves.. nerves.. check- route, rehearsed..

ready... set, observe..

everything around.. every sound. -Ya Heard-

the Byrds didn't you- chirp chirp...

chir.. kidding.. I'm a nerd...

no really, 'N' 'E' 'R' 'D'... Nerd!!!

nerds! Nerds!! NERDS!!!

reading verbs,

writing blurbs..

right on the verge...

of something huge.. needle point pews?? No, bigger... bigger than any house of church..

great... outdoors, but first.. chores.. break the curse...

picking up on what's yours...

project blu beam cleaned, our..


can do it-