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Value Of Values

Value Of Values

Value Of Values

Value Of Values

When something becomes a value,

To it your eyes are glued.

You focus on it more,

And thus the rest is ignored.

It deteriorates,

As to one thing you concentrate.

On your priorities all depend,

It decides where time you will spend.

It decides where you will flourish,

And what will suffer and languish.

That causes bonds to fall apart.

What you hold close to your heart,

From the other person would vary.

This would lead to stress and worry.

When for the other, something is momentous,

And to it you are callous.

It holds less value to you, and thus from it you go far,

Leaving in the heart of the other person, a deep scar.

Bonds get impaired.

And become arduous to repair.

What you hold prior,

Your dreams and desires,

By them you are made.

They are sincerely obeyed.

By them you are lead,

They decide your journey and fate ahead.


Shalini Jadhvani (author) from India on April 02, 2020:

Thank you Lorna. Yes,to maintain a balance in life is challenging.One can't make it everywhere always and please everyone. And where this understanding and faith is there,those bonds stay strong at the end of the day.Thank you so much once again .Stay blessed.

Lorna Lamon on April 02, 2020:

Making time for the important people in your life is not always easy, however, very necessary. A thought provoking poem Shalini, cleverly written. Loved it.

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