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Valentine's Day Blues ~ A Rant?

Scratching the itch of curiosity to find reasons beyond the things I start to question and wonder more, and learn from realizations.

“When The Right One Comes Along…”

“Love Exists…(a popularized Chinese Song)”

“Wanna know what love is?”

Songs that made me think…

How would you know if that Love is worth it?

How would you know if that Love is the one for you?

Sometimes what we dreamt of contradicts what we truly deserve.

Ideal perfect love vs the Love we truly deserve.

The love that we deserve?

Is when God is the center of everything.

Is when God and the Universe tells you, that person is the one for you.

When everything is aligned and that you don’t have to be put in a tough situation.

God has plan for everyone of us.

At his right time, and when his will be done.

You’ll know that person is the one, when you can be finally be at ease.

When that love brings you nothing but happiness and content.

If you’re unsure of the situation you are in, maybe it’s a sign.

That person might just be another chapter of your life.

Someone who’ll just be another lesson learned, a warning.

Let it go maybe he/she is not the one for you.

The one for you will always be there for you.

To love you, care for you, support you, prioritize you.

Above everything else, your whole well-being matters.

If that is often disregarded, you don’t deserve that person.

Be clear to what the person think of you.

Just by saying you love that someone without showing or expressing it,

Isn’t enough to justify that your love is real and that you have pure intentions.

Love should be how God love everyone of us.

He is our home.

He is our go-to when we are down and troubled.

When we are broken crying or in so much joy with the overflowing blessings,

We all go to him and tell him everything.

He guides us on what should be done and making tough decisions.

Love should be comforting, like where you’d find your sanctuary.

I know love comes along with pain.

And it’s natural for human beings to hurt one another.

But nothing is more romantic than knowing the person you love is more than just your ally.

When you can be so open and frank about anything.

Anything that your mind would think about.

Everything that bothers you, what amazes you, what inspires you, what makes you sad, what makes you happy, what questions you may have in mind, healthy conversations.

When you don’t have to adjust, and think that he/she may not be open or interested to the things you wanna talk about.

When you know he/she isn’t interested even if he/she says go on I’ll listen then later on buts in and insists the topic he/she wants.

Nothing more is disrespectful when you are being cut off to the topic you are already excited and eager to talk about.

My heartbreaks to know love is this complicated.

Old folks would tell you, study first before loving someone.

But let’s face it, old folks are finding younger people to lure them.

They’d say prioritize your studies first, but when love comes?

Can you really control it? Can you really handle it? Can you keep your focus?

Eden, herself wasn’t able to resist to the temptation of her needs.

There are things you know that it isn’t time for it yet, but when will the right time be?

Do you even know how much time left you have to live?

If not now, will you still be able to do it some other time?

Maybe it’s coming to you now, cause … you won’t be able to do it anymore next time.

There are some things you experience early for your age for a reason.

Not because you are still young and got more time to spare.

And never use the reason that you are that old already, that you only have few years left.

Mind you anyone can die anytime.

No matter how young, no matter how old, no matter how rich or poor.

If it’s your time, it’s your time.

There are tons of people, ruling the world, that the nation wishes to die.

But it’s not happening anytime soon.

That’s not what God is planning. God has something better for those people.

Not all people too who wishes to die right at this moment would be granted.

But sometimes as they say “Be careful what you wish for.”

You might just be wishing it now, next thing you know, it’s happening.

A netizen asks a famous vlogger on her vlog,

“How to court someone like you?”

She answers,

“Just, don’t ever get tired no matter what happens. Easy and complicated as that.”

That’s usually the problem with suitors nowadays.

At least with what I’ve seen and witnessed.

In this Modern Day Era were everything always have to be rushed and fast paced,

People are losing their patience and even just their attention span.

I guess it’s because of the technology, the films, online games, songs, peer pressure?

I honestly don’t know what’s influencing and what’s causing it.

Suitors (not all) would ask permission if they can court you,

If you say yes, it automatically means , you also agree to be in a relationship with that person.

It’s that fast paced.

If you say you’d think about it, or you’d say no, they have the guts to make you feel so bad and they’ll make it seem they are the victim.

It’s as if you were the one insisting all of these, which is very selfish and unfair of them.

That’s psychological manipulation.

And it’s toxic.

First of all, you are the one insisting yourself to someone’s life.

You are intruding a private property with the impression that as if you were welcome to feel at home.

You have assumed and suit yourself and think that it’s that easy to get the ‘yes’ of someone.

That is why it’s hard to believe when someone say to you nowadays,

“I’m willing to wait no matter how long it takes, I’m willing to do anything for you. I’ll never get tired of loving you.”

Just wait a day or two,

That person is already rushing the status and stage of you two.

That person is itching and aching to upgrade everything to a higher level.

To a higher level, you both know that you aren’t ready for that yet.

Imagine it’s just courting yet, and he already can’t wait to achieve what he wants.

When your plans in the future just don’t align with one another.

If you can’t see a future with that person that respects what you want to do in life and your goals and dreams,

I guess it’s best not to pursue it further.

If you are not happy with that person, if you can’t be as jolly as you are, if you can’t be your usual self,

It won’t be healthy for you. Leave that person.

Especially, if he is not consistent with his promises and statements.

You’ll know a person is sincere to his words, when he is really eager to prove it.

And it will naturally show, actions will speak louder than the words.

You don’t have to doubt and question yourself or his actions.

You know what he is doing and it will show how much he loves you.

You know that you can’t be with anyone except him cause he is the only one.

It’ll be difficult to find someone who can do better than what he is doing for you.

He is the one to give you that ‘kilig’ each day, at the same time your shoulder to cry on,

Your beer buddy to rant on, that bestie you’d call if there are any latest cheesy issues, updates, or blessings in your life.

It’s crazy as it seems, but if you’d want to be with him for the rest of your life, he has to deal with those.

It’s not just about embracing how noble you are, how beautiful you are, how respectable you are.

Living with someone for the rest of your life, you must be ready to deal with lots of nausea/vomitting moments, not so pretty hair days, when your bladder starts to get out of control, it just spills anywhere, and lots of super upset stomach moments.

When you are having brain farts and a bloated stomach at the same time.

He should know all the first aid to all those scenarios.

What you need and what would worsen it.

Loving someone is not just about having sex and having fun till you die.

Our brain deterioriates if we don’t let it function.

Engage into deep conversations about life that you both can learn and benefit from.

Find interesting stuffs together and explore outside the box.

Never ask “What do you want to talk about?” or “What should we talk about next?”

And never say “The topic is for you to decide, it’s fine with me.”

Then you’ll just respond with, “Uh-huh, yeah, then?” with your mind completely pre occupied with something else.

Like as if you never really wanted to listen to the topics I have in mind and you want the topic that you have in mind to be the one that we’d talk about.

Cause, if the set up is gonna be like that, then what’s the point?

We won’t create opportunities to be open to one another.

There’s a wall and we are creating boundaries and limitations to one another.

There’ll be things I can no longer find courage or excitement to tell you.

Cause I know the topics you are just interested in.

There’ll be things you’ll be afraid to open up to me, cause you know I’d be uncomfortable talking about it.

It’s never gonna work out.

Although it really does require patience.

Emotional security is also important.

Especially when you are coming to someone’s life as an uninvited visitor/suitor,

To someone who you know has just gone through a terrible heart break,

Tons of trust issues and problems in life,

Then you’ll act up like a spoiled brat jerk that needs to be taken care upon.

You were applying as a suitor and not hiring for your personal care provider.

Know the difference.

Don’t ever act like you are someone so mighty and with high importance.

When all you could ever be is just become a huge nuisance.

If you want someone to give the love and trust you deserve and craving for,

Act like so.

Not by telling her you lover her, want to court her, will do anything, when in fact,

All the things that she should be receiving from you, as her suitor,

You are letting her take the responsibility and do it for you.

Shame on you pathetic creature!

That’s not how it’s supposed to be.

She didn’t sign up for this, and yet you have the guts to do so.

How could you?

I’m not generalizing all suitors.

Just a heads up.

Valentine’s day just had me thinking.

What does love really means?

I’ve known the signs, and it hurts so bad.

They say, when someone thinks of you as his special someone, he’ll do almost everything possible for you.

No matter how crazy, how odd, how weird, how ugly, how embarrassing, if he knows you’ll love it, he’ll do it for you. No matter how it goes, no matter how it sounds, what matters is that it’ll make you happy.

He’ll go out of his way and an extra mile just to do something special for you, and make you feel loved.

No buts, no what ifs, no excuses, no reasons to decline, anything for you.

But if it’s the other way around…

And he still tells you that he loves you?

How on earth would you believe that?

He takes special requests of someone else, do so in an instant, when he says they are just friends.

He’d say billions of excuses and alibis to your requests on special ocassions of your life, but tells you that he loves you.

That’s just unearthy.

A piece of crap.

Well, it’s not like I’m ranting a burst of emotions.

Maybe just my usual brainfarts and had to ponder some thoughts.

Like how you would on a friendly coffee date?


Can you even drink anything on a coffee date? Besides coffee?

Or would you rather be munching some ice cubes to cool off your head?

I’ve been quite feeling sad.

Has the happy days have passed by?

I hope I can gain my energy once again.

Love is a broad topic and it’s quite complicated to explain.

Is it really that difficult and complicated to begin with?

Or is it just the people I come across with?

Just thinking this much….

Makes me sleepy and hungry.

You now know why I eat a lot and my cheeks are getting puffier each day.

I don’t know if I made any sense blabbering here.

I just needed to get these of my chest.

Otherwise my head would hurt again.

If you learn a thing or two, great.

If you find these nonsense, I’m sorry to bother you.

I hope everyone a great day, wherever you are in this world.

Stay blessed and cheer up!

To those people that give me reasons to smile and be happy,

You know who you are, and thank you so much.

To that one person, that inspires me, I salute you and I wish you all the best.

Have a strong and healthy body always, we need more people like you.

Stay strong and that person who makes people smile each day.

I know your work is tough, but facing us with that extra energy always,

It’s as if you never get tired of your work.

Stay happy and blessed as you are.

I’m rooting for you.

until then,

always spread love and happiness to others, Keep safe.


PS: It is not my intention to speak ill to anyone. I am not pertaining to anyone. And this is not about or related to my personal life. Just some thoughts I had in mind.

No worries, I'm good.

© 2022 Gianella Labrador

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