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Vacationless Existence

Miranda is a lover and writer of science fiction, short stories, and poetry.

Vacationless Existence

All work, no time to go away, no time for her

Not enough money too layaway

Just work, toil, work, toil, work

All around her people fly

They travel by boats and trains

They travel by excitement and change

They grow and socialize and see places

They see places that transform minds

They gather at places, that buy, and sell

Buy and sell ease, fun, excitement, adventure

Stress free and good health

She listens to them exchange tales of adventure

Tales of fun and places she's never been

They talk, they rejoice, she listens inside and slowly dies

She works, she toils, she works, then go home

And coils, and coils, up in a corner and wake up the next day

to work harder, and toil, and work, and toil, and plan

She listens to their plans, as they rejoice

They vacation, they laugh, she vicariously sought through

She dreams and waits and plans a life and time when, when?

She can-

Can she?

She can-

Will she?

Will she ever?

Have her day in the sun? One day? Soon?

Then she can rejoice too

One day soon, she will too

And then there will be no more vacation less existence

No more, just a memory, and no more

© 2020 Miranda Blanks

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