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Voice of a Soul - Show Must Go On

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.

Soul is the energy that makes us a living creature.


Voice of a soul - show must go on

My beloved ones,

I was also confined in a body once.

You were mine I was yours,

To-gather we shared sorrows and joys.

We fought as if never to be friends,

We loved as if never to be foes.

How wonderful were days and nights,

Then suddenly I left for heavenly abode.

Leaving you shocked and shattered,

It was like the end of world for you.

You wept day and night,

As if never to get over from grief.

You regretted fighting with me,

You regretted doing many other such things.

Oh dear! you put up my portrait (at most prominent place ) on the wall,

Garlanded it with flowers of my choice.

My belongings then became your most precious treasure,

Oh! How fast time flew my beloved ones.

Days, months and years gone by,

Did not all that happen a long time back.

Long enough to make you forget my portrait,

That is now broken and buried under the garbage.

My belongings are also gone,

Time has healed your emotional scars.

Just like time heals physical scars,

Physical wounds if not healed with time.

Are capable of taking away all the joys of life,

Same is true for emotional scars.

Ups and down of life kept you busy since then,

No time left to think of me.

I had been waiting this to happen,

That is the best gift you have given.

Thank you for leading now a normal life,

My body had gone long back.

I would have gone too, otherwise,

Yes! Show must go on my dear!

Poem takeaway

When a person dies the near and dears feel his absence for sometimes but time is the biggest healer and things come back to routine and every one gets back to his work and life. The dead is not there but his soul is still wandering in the surroundings and observing and appreciating these natural consequences.