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Silly Little Humans

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.


Silly humans, bustling and scuffling everyday.

Clinging on to things that matters not, things that when they past, will stay.

Look at the silly humans scorning skin color and race

Falling from enlightenment, holding on to vanity and scoffing at grace.

Look at them scared of each other, shielding behind the lies of fake news.

Living day to day not wanting to know the truth.

Look at them, silly little humans. Drinking coffee and sealing business deals.

Hop into speedy cars and flashes past the tiny little girl begging a meal.

Look at them, honoring the dead yet still not praising life.

Look at them destroying themselves, rejoicing in wicked and lapping up lies.

Just take a good look, look at them betraying a friendship to reach the top.

Selling souls for riches, now having drug itches and just can't stop.

Look at them, spending billions on porn but have nothing to give.

Look at them worshiping their fragile silly selves, yet have no real life to live.

Their heads down in smartphones, keeps them from understanding the sun.

Look at that stupid robber taking innocent lives with his gun.

Look at these girls, half naked and making unwanted babies.

They scoff at decency, a hooker is hot, nobody intrigued by being ladies.

Look now, the monkey laughs at them and simply waits.

For them to genocide humanity, making way for the apes.

Look at them, making missiles and fighting for land they did not make.

Yet they would run to another place if destroyed when the earth quakes.

Silly little humans. All caught in a world of what is told to them and what they can see.

Sight from two eyes, yet spiritually cannot see.

Go now silly human, go press your phone and do work.

Just think flashy car, sex, money, oil. While we take over earth.

© 2018 Clive Williams

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